In various parts of my community, many youths engage themselves with petty crimes, and most of the crimes are committed during the day and at night. They are engaged in various crimes like house breaking, stealing with knives and they called it ‘buburusa’ in sheng/slang language.  We have other people armed with guns and the most affected place is Dandora estate and its neighborhood.

The problems affecting the youth are that most of them are idling with no jobs, so they find themselves engaging in crime. This is as a result of some young youth being  sent home due to lack of school fees and ending up in the streets and later in crime activities The bad thing is that they die very young.

 Last week on Sunday I was at home and later I decided to take a walk and before I left the village I came across about six boys asking for those security men with a lot of anger.

They said that the security men were traitors but when the security men heard that, they didn’t hesitate to call the police and in the blink of an eye, the cops arrived armed like shifters. When the boys saw the cops coming for them they removed their guns and started exchanging fire. Later, three of the boys were shot dead; all aged between15 yrs and 25yrs. We are losing our youth in our community every month this way.

Helping this new generation of youth, we call upon the government of Kenya and NGOs which help to mentor our youths like Undugu society of Kenya to intervene with this issue of insecurity in our community; we are losing our next generation.



I used to live with a girl who left school because of lack of school fees and since she left she used to come to my home and chat with my wife as they watch movies.

 Later on, I heard that she started going to dance in clubs .When I asked where they go for dancing, I was told she goes to a stripping club but was not told the name of the club.

But one day I was in town at night and I saw her but I didn’t let her see me, for what I saw my eyes didn’t blink.  What I saw was that she looked naked, I mean half naked like a sex worker. I was shocked!  I didn’t believe my eyes. On that day we were coming from a tour organized by Goal Kenya, a local NGO and we passed by Koinange street in Nairobi. My friends were teasing me when they told me that my wife’s friend is a sex worker.

When I reached home and told my wife about it, she told me that I was  lying but when I told her what  she  was doing she agreed with me. She told me that those girls are the ones we watch on news having sex with dogs for cash which is very bad and I told her that I think these are the last days and that the world was coming to an end.

I told her to talk to her as a friend that she should look for another job, for there are plenty of jobs.  It is better be a house-girl than a sex worker for most of them are getting killed and left on the streets. Others are forced to have sex at gun point with dogs.

I’m plead to the government of Kenya and human right body and all the NGOS to present a bill in parliament to ban such activities in our town Nairobi,  to help our youths and our beloved parents,  sisters and brothers who are not employed and to empower them through life skills that will enable them to have income generating activities.

Homosexuality in Kenya

Religious leaders have condemned an appeal by a human rights body to legalize homosexuality in the country. Christian and Muslim preachers termed the move to lobby for the decriminalization of the same sex marriage unconstitutional and unholy.

They challenge those calling for the legalization of gay relationships to seek an amendment to the law and subject the proposal to a referendum.

The Kenya National Council of Human Rights (K.N.C.R) should look for a solution to problems affecting the youths like high rate of inflation, unemployment and historical injustice instead of promoting unlawful acts to impress donors for the practice is against our customs.

They should criticize homosexual and fight the legalization of homosexuality to the bitter end.


I am John Ng’ang’a Njeri. I stay at Dandora. I am the fourth born in a family of 6 and was raised up by a single mother. More so, I am a married man with a family of two.

My mother has always been and will remain forever the source of inspiration to me. She took care of me since childhood and struggled to pay for my education and even though I had to drop out of primary school in 1998, since she was unable to raise for me school fees together with that of my siblings, I will forever remain proud of her.

Immediately I dropped out of school, things changed. I had nowhere to go and most of the time would spend time idling at home. I t did not take long before my childhood friends introduced me to world of drugs. I would smoke bhang, take alcohol in plenty. I was rarely sober be it during the day or in the evening.

I had lost hope in life of ever making it in life. So fortunate, I came across a Samaritan who came to my aid in times of need. He took his time and effort to inform me on the dangers and effects of drugs. It took me long to heed his advice but it came a time, I reasoned out that I had a potential and had to explore it.

life is hard sometimes

Life itself is a mystery, how we play around with it is never understood. Many of us join politics without knowing it we join politics blindly following our leaders. For instance many leaders come with false promises. Promises that are never fulfilled but funny enough each time they come we re-elect them back without reflecting behind us for instance someone comes to us and gives us the false promises we  easily give in and in the end we are the ones to suffer.

For instance a politician comes and promises us good roads, good sanitation and so on but surprisingly none of this is ever fulfilled